Unexpected Coaching Advice You Need To Hear
"One Of The Scrawniest Kids In School Will Show You How To Make A Jaw Dropping Body Transformation"
Why is the 125-pound scrawny weakling giving advice about transforming your body? 

Well if you keep reading I guarantee you’re going to be surprised. The story I am about to tell you is true, and if you pay close attention you will be rewarded (you’ll see exactly what I mean.)

Hi my name is Joey. I’m a tattooed bearded bald dude who loves coffee, fish tacos, and Tequila. 

By the way,  I transform bodies for a living.
I am about to share with you the roadmap to the highest level of health excellence, peak physical fitness, and a limitless body transformation. 

I’m going to help you get into the best shape of your life.

But first, let me give you a quick background on who I am to peak your interest, get some respect (hopefully), and help you understand I’m not just making this stuff up.

I have a Masters degree in Exercise Science, am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Physical Preparedness Coach, and a Westside Barbell Certified Special Strengths Coach. 

I’ve spent a few years working and being mentored by world renowned strength coaches Dr. Bret Contreras, Louie Simmons, and Joe Carini.

I enjoy writing stories that make people laugh and help them. 

I’ve been featured in a few places you may have heard of before

Men’s Fitness,, Men’s Journal, Flex Magazine, The Personal Trainer Development Center, The Goodmen Project, Bret, John Romaniello’s blog and others.
But You Still Don't Trust Me Yet, 
Do You?

I totally understand, so to establish myself a bit more.

 In the last 10 years I've put on over 40+ lbs of muscle, broke a record at ‘The Strongest Powerlifting Gym’ in the World, have deadlifted 3.2x my bodyweight (585lbs weighing 179lbs and 600lbs), squatted over 500lbs and set a New Jersey State Bench Press record.

I don’t just talk about this stuff.It’s been the major driving factor in my life for the last 10 years.

I’m NOT telling you this to brag and I don’t mean to come off like an arrogant self-centered asshole. 

My sole intention is to establish MY hard earned credibility. I didn't just hop into the game and decide selling waist trimmers and detox tea was my fucking jam. 

Now sit back and relax, and listen to someone's advice you can actually trust for once.  
Does This Sound Familiar?

You’ve tried every workout program, supplement regimen and diet plan with poor results. The experts promised impressive results but they never delivered.

You work your ass off in the gym but haven’t been able to build a body that you are proud of. You’re beyond frustrated. I know that feeling too well. 

You're sick of not knowing which new diet or a new workout to try because nothing seems to be working anyway. 

Welp, just chalk it up to poor genetics.

In this article, I will introduce you to a few of my clients (who are just like you) and have made amazing transformations. But first I want to tell you about what happened to me...
My Heartbreaking Wake Up Call
I started lifting weights because there was something about myself I wasn’t happy about and I wanted to change it. 

I never felt like good enough and I was fed up with being number 2. I was sick and tired of being passed over by every girl I liked.

I guess that's what happens when you look like the guy on the left --->> 

When you're a guy who only weighs 125 lbs soaking wet, girls think your "cute" not hot. To make things even worse I was a nice guy. To be blunt about it, I was the master at cockblocking myself.

You remember your first love, right

I do. I fell head over heels for a girl named Jess, but I wasn't the type of guy that girls like Jess dated. 

I wasn't the man she talked about hooking up with to her friends. I was just a boy and I put myself in the last place any guy wants to be with a girl he wants to sleep with, "The Friend Zone".

We ended up dating then broke up when she went off to college. I was devastated, frustrated and furious. I can't say it was a total surprise but that didn't make it any less gut-wrenching.

You know that feeling when you drink way too much Tequila and are curled around the toilet bowl hoping you don’t puke your brains out?

It feels like it's the end of the world, right?

What did I do wrong? Why wasn’t I good enough? What could I have done better? What makes him so much better than me?

I don’t care what you say, you’ll never forget the first time Chuck Norris metaphorically kicked you in the nuts. But thanks to the nut kicking tag team of Chuck Norris and Jess, I’d never be the same...

From that day forward my body and life completely changed. I wasn’t going to be that guy anymore. I envied the looks other guys got. I wanted the same and I wasn’t going to be satisfied until I got it.
People Didn't Recognize Me

After the first month of working out, I could definitely tell a difference but I wasn’t impressed. All the other guys I got pushed aside for were still 20+ pounds larger than me. But I started to get stronger every workout and that was an awesome feeling.

Coming up on the 2-month mark I felt a noticeable difference in my strength, and the other people in the gym started to give me compliments. But to be honest, I was still on the fence about the whole thing lifting thing.

How was I ever going to get as big and strong as these other guys? 

I was still a shrimp. 

I saw a few more changes but thought it may have been my mind playing tricks on me, so i wasn’t impressed. But I did start to enjoy my new found strength in the gym, I just wished my body changed more.

Month 3 was where it all changed and I saw what was really possible. I was stronger than ever. The compliments were pouring in and I could easily see the changes in my body not only with my shirt off but when I had my clothes on as well.

The best part is, these are the type of results that you can expect too!
Online Concierge Fitness Coaching
I’m looking for my dream client.

Someone I can help transform to a point where your friends won’t believe you are the same person. 

I am looking for someone who is ready to create massive change.  
Someone who is fed up with their current situation.

If you’re that person, I will personally work with you one on one to help you lose fat, build muscle, get stronger, and get into the best shape of your life. 

This is your chance to work with me from anywhere in the world.
I Know Exactly How To Change Your Body From Anywhere In The World

If you're accepted into my coaching program, you'll get access to my best practices.

My most successful diets, the best physique changing training programs, my tweaks based on my own research, and my knowledge from consulting with some of the best coaches in the industry. 

I scour by brain and resources and will put together the best action plan for us to take based on all my research above as well as my own results and the experiences of my clients.

This service is my concierge fitness coaching program. This is my best stuff. 

How different would it feel to change your body for good? 

How would it feel to get strong enough to never have to worry about moving a couch, carrying un-godly amount of groceries in 1 trip, or throwing your kids around without having to worry about throwing out your back?

  •   Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels but going nowhere, no matter what you try?
  •   Is it impossible for you to eat healthy, and workout with your busy schedule?
  •   Are you tired, overwhelmed, and overworked, and it’s taking a toll on your body and your mind?

I felt those feelings, pains, and frustrations my self. 

And I still continue to hear them when I talk to people about fitness, every single day. 

You're not alone.I promise you that. 

Put down your credit card amigo...not so fast.I want to be very transparent about this. 
I Don't Work With Everybody

Sometimes people aren't a good fit. It's easy to tell from the start. 

I used to take on as many clients as possible but I realized there some people aren’t a great fit, and that’s ok.

You'll notice you CAN'T just plug your Visa info and get a cookie cutter program that given out to the same 100+ people in your shoes.

I don’t work like that, sorry.

I do things a lot different than your Average stopwatch clicking, clipboard lugging, polo wearing personal trainer.
  •  I don’t use fancy names to make myself sound smarter than you. You don't need to know about the Krebs cycle. 
  •  I don't use high-tech gadgets that make you think they're the reason you're successful.
  • I don't use overcomplicated systems that make you think you need to train an Olympian.
What's Included In My Concierge Online Coaching Program
1. Personalized Comprehensive Evaluation 

If you want great results you want to follow a training and diet program that fits your lifestyle.  

Before you get any workouts or diet recommendations we go through a comprehensive client evaluation form. 

You fill me in on different areas of your life so I can create the best program for you. 

I’m here to put together a plan that you can stick to and will give you great results.And I don't take that lightly.  
2. Tailor-Made Strength Training Regimen

Lifting weights (aka strength training) and the proper workout program is essential to changing the way you look.This is the money shot. 

Learning how to lift weight properly and not only effective but it’s going to accelerate your results faster than any other workout of group fitness class.

On top of it, a customized workout program will help you’ll blow past your barriers and completely transform.

Just like I did and just like my clients do.

It’s important to note: not all workouts, exercises, and programs, and diets are created equal.

Some are great for you and others may actually push you further from your goals. 

Just because Bobby Biceps says you should do ‘P90X’ doesn’t mean that’s the right fit for you.

Make sure you consult with someone who knows what they are doing and save yourself the frustration and headache that myself and thousands of others had to deal with.
3. Custom Diet and Nutrition Recommendations

You don't have to start eating like a bodybuilder. 

The most important part of this is fitting it your lifestyle, and that's what I do. 

When it came to getting lean I learned how to manage my hunger and eat foods that were going to make dieting easier, not harder. 

I always thought I was eating enough when I was trying to gain weight, but list most other guys in the same boat as me, I was dead wrong.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a proponent of blast and cruise phases. These are periods of hard work followed by moderate work to maintain.

I don’t expect myself, or any other person who wants to live a normal life, to be shredded all year round. That requires an all or nothing mentality which for 98% of the population is setting you up for failure.

If that’s your thing, go for it, but that’s not how I want to live my life and those aren't the type of clients I typically work with.

I've  learned how to balance, staying fit and healthy while enjoying my life and not secluding myself.

I don’t expect people to only eat plain and bland foods for every meal of the day and I don’t expect you to never have a glass of wine on date night.
4. Accountability Check-In's and Updates On The Fly

What surprised me the most is the accountability and support I gained from friends, fellow gym goers and my coaches.

These are the biggest benefit of having a coach. 

Not only do you get the best training and nutrition program for you and your life but you also get the knowledge and expertise that go along with it.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve experimented with many different training systems and diets.

 I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from some of the best coaches in the world and continue to be mentored by them.

Not only do I do this for a living but I also extensively study the field now, as much as I did when I was getting my masters degree in exercise science.

This is what you get with online coaching. 

You get me and my expertise.
5. Full Email Access 
If you have a problem or a question all you have to do is shoot me an email. 

Voice your concerns, talk, and if you an event coming up we will figure it out together. 

Your emails receive priority over all others and you'll have an within 36 hours max (usually way less.)
6. Access To A Huge Video Exercise Database

As a concierge coaching client mine, you will get access to video demonstrations of exercises in your program. 

This way you know exactly what to do and how to do it. 

No more guessing if you are doing things right or scared of injury. 

I am always adding new and innovative exercises to take your training to the next level.
Is This Program Right For You?
In the past personal training involved meeting a guy in a collared shirt who doesn't know what he's doing to yell at you for an hour 2 times per week. 

I take out the guess work so all you have to worry about is making progress. 
Can’t I just rip out a workout from a magazine and go to the gym on my own?

You can, but the chances of you seeing the same results are slim to none. 

In fact, I guarantee your results won’t be anywhere as close to as good.

How do I know this? 

I’ve worked with hundreds of people. 

I know exercise physiology and the effects my programs have on your body and I design my program for you,not for 4 million other readers who are nothing like you. 

Do you remember about the accountability I spoke about earlier?

In my experience, my online concierge coaching clients take training and nutrition more serious which leads to better results because of they are more 'dialed in.’ 

They are willing to focus more on nutrition and are more efficient with their time.

These are the clients who end up learning more in the process, which is better long term. 

People who do the best with online coaching don’t need someone there counting their reps, they can do that shit on their own.

If you can drag yourself to the gym even when they are tired and willpower is low, then yes. 

This is for you.
How much does it cost?
You can go to a cheap barber and risk getting your face butchered or you can go to a barber with a great reputation, pay a premium and walk away with your face as smooth as a babies butt.

I'm the guy who leaves you with the awesome shave, but you're going to have to invest a little more skin in the game. 

A good coach will take the frustrating, “I have tried everything, nothing is working, what the hell do I do?"feeling and make it go away.

A good coach is like a pilot. 

They will take you from point A to point B in the safest and most time efficient way possible. 

I am your pilot. 

Here’s the thing, you’re on this page which means somewhere deep down you want to work with me.

The chances of you living close enough to come into the gym to train 1 on 1 is slim to none. 

If you’re thinking about flying to me it’s going to cost you anywhere from $300- $600. 

Plus my $165/hour fee just to work together for an hour.  

If we train 4x a week that would cost you $2,640 a month! 

But check this out...
I Will Buy You $2,343 Of My Own Time

This is my proposal to you if you choose to accept... 

Like I mentioned, you would be paying $2,640 per month if we worked together 4 times per month in-person. 


You won't even pay that much if we work one to one online for 8 MONTHS. 

If you fill out the application and things match up and it looks like we will be a good fit we will schedule a phone call to go over specifics. 

At that time if everything lines up accordingly and we both agree on the terms...I will buy you $2,343 of my own time every month we work together. 
ONLY $297/month

If you're accepted into my online coaching program, you'll be getting my a huge discount (88.75% to be exact.) 

Pay a fraction of the cost and get a full month worth of training, nutrition, coaching and accountability?

I know what you’re thinking but there is no catch and that’s exactly what is going to happen. 

If you want to work together and pay 11.25% of my face to face clients, by all means, I urge you apply right now. 

Wouldn't it feel amazing to be able to go to the gym and know exactly what to do so you will see results instead of wasting time that you could be spending with your family, friends of making money? 

Imagine how confident you would feel if you added +10lbs of muscle, lost your love handles, saw more of your abs and looked so good you turn the heads of every person when you walk into the room?

How great would it feel to get back the hot spark that makes the woman in your life lust after you and fight the urge to rip your clothes off at every waking moment?
I Take All The Risk With My 100% Money Back Guarantee 
My 30-Day 
Money Back Guarantee

The last thing you need to worry about right now is the "what if's." 

If you are accepted into my coaching program and we start working together I extend a 30 day, money back guarantee, as a gift you to you. 

If after 30 days you are satisfied with my coaching program and you don’t think I have given you the proper tools to get the job done I will refund you your money. 

This isn’t to say you will reach your lifelong goal in 30 days but you will see and feel changes if you follow the program. Don't be silly. 

Remember how my body changed? 

Well, 95% of my clients go through the same progression that I did.
  •   Day 1-30: You’re still hesitant but are starting to feel a little bit stronger and more confident, but aren’t seeing a lot of physical changes 
  •   Day 31-60: You're even stronger, can see decent physical changes and you're getting lots of compliments from coworkers, friends, and family which is building your confidence. 
  •   Day 61-90: You’re even stronger than before, your body has changed significantly and you’re getting consistent and ecstatic comments from people around you.
  •   90 and Beyond:  The longer you continue with this the more your body will change and the greater positive impact on your health. 

I’m confident you can see and feel your body change within the first 30 days or your money back. 

From my own personal experience and the results my clients get, there will be no way you’ll want to return it. 

Your health, body, and confidence is so important to you and you need to protect them all with even more energy than you protect your morning coffee. 
If you’re on the fence I urge you to apply. 
"I am aware that there are smarter people out there who I can learn from. 

Joey is one of these ‘smarter’ people, after meeting him I knew I needed his coaching to accelerate my lifting and muscle growth. 

In the first 6 weeks I had gained roughly 2-3 kilograms and my lifts were becoming stronger than ever"

-Matt (strength coach)