Hollywood Director Reveals: 
"The Greatest Martial Artist Of All Time Exposes His FIVE Forgotten Lessons To Building A Thriving Business"
The “secret weapons”of this Chinese-American legend which allowed him to build an unforgettable businesses that lasted long after he passed away...

On this page you'll discover his five money-making lessons and how you can easily use them to grow your business.
Dear friend,

In a few moments I'm going to share with you FIVE of the greatest business lessons from a man known in virtually every household accross the world... 

... and that's no exaggeration. 

If you cross someone who doesn't know his name, you'll likely find the person to be from outerspace. 

More importantly, this man was an extremly accomplished businessman which is one of the many reasons his legacy will continue living, long after he has passed away. 

His lessons will lay out the path for you to follow which will help your business grow faster than ever. 

How is it possible that one man, has come to be known as 'The Greatest Martials Artist to Ever Live', one of the biggest idols in Hollywood, and has made a massive impact on people all over the world? 

Simple, really... 

He created his own path. 

If you haven't guessed already, the martial artist and Hollywood legend is Bruce Lee. 

Most people know Bruce Lee for his work in Hollywood, but the truth is, he was an accomplished businessman before taking the thrown as the most famous Asian movie star of all-time. 

Today I'm going to give you FIVE of Bruce Lee's most powerful money-making business lessons that will help you double, triple, or even quaruple your income. 

But first, I want you to realize how important this is.
Nearly All Fitness Business Owners & Coaches Are Destined To Fail... 
Sad, but true. 

While failing doesn't always mean living out of a dumpster, scrounging for food, it often means living paycheck to paycheck. 

... being just a few short months away from business going under.

... or even worse, doing well but worried out of your mind that at any moment you're going to lose it all. 

This is one of the soul crushing reasons people who want to be successful jump from tactic to tactic, in search of the new shiny object. 

But I don't blame them...

I did the same thing until I found copywriting.

For years I was trying to make it as an online coach and I didn't have the slighest clue what copywriting was.

... And if you're anything like the other health and fitness business owners I work with, most of them were a few steps behind as well. 

Basically, copywriting is a form marketing. 

It's the one skill that allows you in to increase sales while decreasing advertising costs at the same time. 

That means more money in your pocket or more money to put back into your business to scale even faster. 
Some call it a license to print money

... Others say it's the most important skill for every business owner to have. 

But one thing is for certain...

People who accept, learn, and apply copywriting to their businesses become the most successful.

Businesses owners, entrepenuers, and coaches who ignore copywriting are the ones who continue to struggle and wonder why they can't reach more people. 

All I want you to do is realize how important writing kickass copy is to you and your business...

Because if you ignore it, you're unable to communicate with your potential customers and you run the risk of them turning to the sleazy snake-oil-salesman that isn't going to really help them. 

Here's how most coaches and fitness businesses competley butcher this concept: 
  • When you don’t really understand your customers and what they want, it's impossible to truly communicate with them. Most claim they know, but they really have no idea! 
  • If you constanly tell yourself you're a terrible writer you're going to believe it. Keep telling yourself this and everything you put out WILL be crap. 
  • You'll never know how to use it to get prospects to read your material vs. the snake oil salesman... and the slimeballs will win.
  • Don't confuse brand marketing with direct response marketing. If you do, you won't be able track financial return on efforts. You'll get so frustrated you want to quit! 
  • When you practice writing good copy you'll be motivate people to pull out their credit card and happily give you the details. There's NO tricking people into purchasing. 
Before we get into the five lessons that will forever change your business (and life) let me introduce myself. 

Hi, I'm Joey Percia, copywriter for badasses. 

I’m a former fitness coach turned copywriter and marketing consultant. I write kickass copy for businesses with killer products and services so they get them into the hands of the right customers. 

I'm also the author of 'Why Do You Hate Money... a health and fitness marketing guide which teaches people like you how to create content that kills, craft copy that converts, and master the science of selling with your words (without selling out!.) 
The book has already helped thousands of people all over the world. 

The special opportunity I'm going to tell you about today is an extension of the best-selling strategies I taught in my book but in more detail, a breakdown of the process, and the 'why'...

... and make the money-making process simpler than ever. 

Once you figure this out, it's like taking candy from a baby.

Notice I said, SIMPLE and not easy, right? 

Because you still have to put in the work and actually take the candy from the baby (don't do this, please.) 

You can't just read something, hope for it, and then it just appears in your lap. 

Gimmie a break here, I'm not a gene!

Which is exacactly why I need you to pay very close attention and don't let anything distract you. 
Bruce Lee's Five Forgotten Money-Making "Secret Weapons" 
1. Be you
Not only is copying what others are doing morally wrong and illegal, but the problem is you don't know how well it's working for them. 

Do you know how people decide whether they’re going to buy from you or your competitor if you have a relatively similar product? 

They will buy from whoever they feel more connected to. 

Which is why it's important for you to develop your voice if you want to create a following of fans, build a successful business that helps people, and more importantly makes you money.

Look into your personal life to find unique interests and experiences you can weave into what you’re currently doing. Think about using your favorite heroes, shared interests, personality traits, hobbies, experience when you were a kid, common enemies, struggles and failures, etc. 

This will separate you from your competitors and allow you to shine bright like the north star. 
2. Something for something 
Yes, you need to know who your audience is...

But, you need to know what they really want if you plan on helping them. 

Struggling coaches view business as a one way street... "Here's this thing that I have, now I'd like your money please." In reality you need to view the entire process as trading 'something for something.'

This starts with your prospects attention which you were able to get because offered or created something that is interest of them. This either solves a problem or adds something to their life that they want. 

As the relationship and bond grows, your prospect is sticking with YOU because you're able to help plug a hole in their life.  Customers will trade attention for value, they will trade dollars for problems solved, they will trade their trust in belief in you... 

But they'll never traide something for nothing. 
3. Two ways to make a good living
Bruce Lee said that there is two ways to make a good living. One is the result of hard working, and the other, the result of the imagination. 

Some believe being 'creative' or being able to write and tell stories is a good-given talent. I've found the exact opposite to be the case for some of the world's greatest copywriters who are known for their storytelling abilities. 

One of the biggest reasons people won’t buy from you is because they don’t know, like, or trust you, but stories speed up that process. That’s why stories are the shortcut into your reader’s heart. 

They can skip the critical thinking phase and lead straight to taking action.  They say, “Hey, I had this problem and here’s how I solved it and you can too.” 

If you have an idea, concept, or message that you want to get out to the world and connect with people, storytelling will be your best friend. 

Remember... experience is the best teacher but good storytelling is a close second and when you combine storytelling with hard work the possiblities are endless. 
4. Never prostitute your principles in your work
Bruce Lee said "I will never prostitute myself in any way that I do what I don’t believe in" and I wouldn't expect you to either. 

The problem is, most businesses ignore the basic prinicples or persuasion and sales and try to sell their products using logic. You wouldn't just use logic to justify a first date and marriage proposal with your partner, would you? 

The facts are,  good salesmanship includes rational reasons AND emotional reasons... but primarily emotional. The problem is most businesses don't fully believe in what they are selling which people can easily see. You have to stand behind and believe in what you’re selling if you want to do this the right way. 

People are looking for a solution to their problems, and if you have that answer, you have a moral obligation to get that solution into their hands. 

And when someone is ready to make a buying decision, if you're not able to show them what you have to offer is better than 'Joe Schmo' down the street, they're going to get ripped off by him. 
5. Kill the box
Ever since I was a little kid, I suffered from a rough case of motion sickness. Cars, boats, planes, trains: you name it, and I get sick on it. 

I'm sure you've been nauseous before, right? Can you imagine how crappy it feels to get that sick anytime you get in a moving vehicle!?

Everytime I travel I have to take Dramamine, a motion sickness pill. It solves the issues 6/10 times but it's annoying and frustrating I have to have it on hand at all times. 

The reason I'm telling you this is because if you had a magic pill that I could take and never get sick again, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. Compare the bottle of Dramamine for $10 bucks to MAYBE prevent me from getting sick versus something I KNOW will prevent it from happening... I'd happily pay 3-4x the price. 

My point is, you need to step outside the box, kill the box, and only start thinking outside the box. 

Your customers have massive problems and burning desires. So here is this massive PROBLEM and inconvenience of mine and I am looking for a SOLUTION. 

Start thinking about how you can solve these problems and desires with specific SOLUTIONS.   .

Speaking of thinking outside the box...

Let me ask you a very simple question? 

Would you like to learn how to write like a million dollar copywriter without actually being one!?

You're in luck. 

It brings me great pleasure to introduce this to you...
Turn your keyboard into a Profit generating machine
This Simple Writing Course Will Help You Exploit All Five of Bruce Lee's Secret Money Making Weapons With Point Blank Accuracy
Kickass Copywriting is an online writing system, where I show you everything you need to know about copywriting and marketing to grow a profitable business. 

It's perfect for people who do no consider themselves to have a nautral gift for writing but want to learn an easier way to write words that sell without spending 10's of thousands to hire a copywriter.

Kickass Copywriting is packed with the best copywriting and marketing strategies so you can finally sell your ideas, products, and services better than ever. 

You'll learn everything you need to know about writing words that sell and you'll be able to do it from anywhere in the world. 

You'll get full access to my proven copywriting formulas, done for you templates, copy reviews, and so much more.  

All you need is your computer/phone and an internet connection to soak these cash-generating lessons into your subconscious. 
The best part is, you'll never have to put your fate in the hands of another self-proclaimed copywriting expert, marketing guru, or piss poor business coach without knowing what good copywriting actually is. 

Kickass Copywriting will give you the keys to the most compelling, persuasive, and rapport building copy you've ever written. 

I listened to the biggest struggles health and fitness coaches and business owners were having and molded the perfect blend of beginner copywriting basics with advanced stragegies used by million dollar copywriters. 
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Craft high converting copy that gives your readers Goosebumps and gets them to buy...
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  • Often overlooked copywriting insights that will have your customers saying "Wow, I feel like you're speaking directly to me!"
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  • Two simple wordsyou need to ask yourself to turn a killer feature into a deal closing BENEFIT... so you can watch your product sell like hot cakes. 
  • How to find your unique mechaniscm which hooks your reader for good and allows you to stand out from the crowd. 
  • Speed up the know, like, and trust process with these simple storytelling shortcuts that are so easy a first grader can do it. 
  • Impactful skills to create high engaging content on social media that ethically persuades your readers and fans to come back begging for more
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  • Discover how to write eye-catching, moutherwatering, deal closing bullet points that give your customers the butterflies and make them whip out their credit card. 
  • Simple hacks to never suffer through writer's block ever again and churn out content like a machine.
  • How to turn 'over-the-top' claims into an easy to believe statement with this simple tweak.
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  • The simplest, easiet, and most overlooked way to make more money today. (HINT: it's NOT getting new customers!) 
  • Sales pages tactics that reverse all risk and answer your customer's questions before they can ask.
  • How to write emails that your readers are dying to read. Nail this and you'll have people reaching out if you miss a scheduled email, just to make sure you're still alive! 
A value of $497+
This simple writing course will give you all tools you need to write persuasive messages, trance-like stories, and high engaging social media posts, ads, landing pages, emails, and sales pages to grow your business.

Until Kickass Copywriting, I only offered my copywriting as a "done-for-you" service which would cost you a minimum of $2,500+ just to get started. 

With Kickass Copywriting you can get access to everything I mentioned above for a fraction of the cost and at zero risk.
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Access to my 'Big 10 Swipe File' which contains 10 of the most influential sales pages, ads, advertorials that you can use to grow your business. 

Most swipe files include hundreds of examples for you to sift through and get bogged down with ideas. 

Instead, my Big 10 Swipe File gives you exactly what you ned to spark writing inspiration and learn extremly valuable copywriting lessons. 
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I'm taking all the risk here. No jumping through hoops. 

All you have to do is show me you did the work. 

That way, I can also give you feedback and suggest any changes to give your copy an honest shot at making you money. 

To be honest, this gurantee is just here to make you feel better. 

Knowing you do have the option will make you sleep better tonight so I'm putting my ass on the line to help you. 

Remember, all you have to do is give it an honest shot and that's why I need to see your work and help you work through any changes. 

That's basically what the live coaching sessions are for. 

As you can see, it's a win-win for you. 
You either follow the course, do the work, get results and easily make your money back over and over again...

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If that's the case, you can send me some ice cream to thank me for saving you a lifetime of headaches and regret. 
Make your investment back within the first 60 days or ask for your money back 
Who is Kickass Copywriting for...
First, here's who Kickass Copywriting is NOT
  • You’re an expert copywriter and what many consider to be an ‘a-lister.'
  •  You don’t have a business (selling products, skills, services, or information) or work for a company which you can directly use these skills in your job. 
  •  You’re looking for a get rich quick scheme.
  •  You’re looking for an in-depth training on lead generation and running paid marketing systems like advanced Facebook marketing strategies
  •  You're just looking for templates and nothing else. Sure there will be templates to model, but I'm going to teach you the shortcuts to understand how and what to do so you don't have to rely on them
Kickass Copywriting IS for you if: 
  • You want to finally seeing results for your hard work.
  • You have a quality product, service, information, or desire to build one of these. 
  • You can proudly stand behind what you sell with honesty and integrity because you know it helps people. 
  • You want to write quality copy and avoid the hype-filled sales letters and scummy feeling most modern marketing gives. 
  • You’re committed to doing the work to see results instead of sitting back and just wishing something would happen or change
Learn how to turn words into cash for one payment of $297

"Joining is smart. Go do it"

Joey gets it. He's excellent. He is doing a thing. Joining is smart. Go do it. 
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I've also used this information to improve my skills as a blog writer: successfully getting published in the past two months in Thought Catalog and Roman Fitness Systems. 
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Joey seamlessly breaks down the art and science of marketing and copywriting... while providing incredible tools you can use immediately, to improve your business. 
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Read This Before You Exit 
If you're still not sure if Kickass Copywriting is the right fit for you, make sure you read this section before you click off this page! 

Do you know the real cost of not solving your copywriting and marketing slip-ups?

Most people answer these questions by saying "Nothing. I might get better, but the worse case scenario is I stay the same" 

… Which is flat out bullshit. 

The truth is, you’re facing months (even years) of anger, frustration and worst of all, a failed business.

You're risking your social life because no matter what new 'tactic' you try, it ultimately fails. 

You're risking your personal relationships because everytime your partner wants to do something fun you're worried about making ends meet. 

You're risking your sleep because every night you can't help but feel the blackhole inside your stomach that you're not really sure what's going to happen in your business next month. 

The most important thing to remember is, you're not alone and it's most definetly not your fault. 

But, in order to stop going backwards I need you to realize what's happening right now so follow along and plug-in your current revenue and goal revenue per month. 

Say you’re currently making $5,000 per month and your goal is to have your business making $11,000 to life a comfortable, happy, and fufilling life. 

Play with your kids, enjoy your gym-time, have time with your partner, and actually get to relax a bit. 

That's a $6,000 gap between where you are right now and where you want to be!

Which means, every month you’re not fixing the problem you’re LOSING $6,000! 

As much as it sucks to be losing $6,000 every month, the good new is you don't have to learn rocket science in order to change it.  

... Even if you're not a good writer
… Don't know where to start
… Hate reading books
… And got terrible grades in English. 

I’m living proof. 

I almost failed out of English multiple times and my papers in graduate school would get returned with red mark ups all over it. 

Yet, the skills, lessons, and strategies I lay out for you in Kickass Copywriting are the same ones that helped me build a business of my dreams as well as helping clients of mine do the same.

If you’ve got fingers, ears, and a brain, then CONGRATULATIONS, you have what it takes to learn how to write words that sell.

... and when you become a faithful member of Kickass Copywriting I'm going to teach you how to do it. 
This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the insanely valuable skills you're going to learn...
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  • Important copywriting and marketing secrets that spit in the face of everything you learned in school but will help you build an ethical and real business
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  • How to craft an irresistible offer that your readers can’t resist
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  • One powerful expert positioning tactic of how to brag without sounding like a douche
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  • One simple tweak to make overly hyped sounding claims, easy to believe.
  • Sales pages tactics that reverse all risk and answer your customer's questions before they get a chance to ask
  • Done-for-you templates you can use right now (they’re virtually dummy proof.) 
First, click the button to get the Kickass Copywriting bundle today.

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Once your payment is processed you'll be asked to create your unique log-in information to create your private Kickass Copywriting details. 

You'll also get emails that confirm your purchase and give you your log-in information in case it ever gets lost. 

At that point, you'll get instant access to the simple writing course that will show you how to turn words into cash, and instructions for the bonus materials. 

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A Word From Joey ... 
I admit, I believe copywriting is one of the most valuable skills you can learn. 

Just think...

The WORDS you put on your Facebook page, in your videos, and in your emails can cause people to pull out their wallet and buy what you have. 

It's crazy how this can make comeone feel more connected with you. 

Mind-blowing when you think about it. 

With Kickass Copywriting, you don't have to waste your precious time doing all the necessary (so-called) grunt work that comes along with writing great copy... 

Things like: handcopying sales letters, figuring out how to apply a princple to your business, learning uncessary jargon, and all the other crap that is only applicable for professional copywriters.

Screw that. 

If you don't even have an idea what kind of business you want to start or you're already a professional copywriter, Kickass Copywriting is NOT for you. 

But, if you have an exhisting online business or are in the process of creating one...

If you follow what's laid on in the course you'll never have to put the fate of your business in the hands of another self-proclaimed copywriting expert, marketing guru, or scam-artist business coach ever again.

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For the first time, you'll be able to write in a way that really matters to your customers and the best part is... 

You'll get templates, formuals, and exercises to shortcut the learning process to writing kickass copy faster than ever. 

More is not better. Better is better!

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I'm really looking forward to seeing you inside Kickass Copywriting and giving you the tools to need to live life on your own terms.
PS. Kick-Ass Copywriting is a simple online writing course packed with the best copywriting and marketing secrets so you can ethically sell your ideas, products, and services better than ever.

I'll show you everything you need to know about copywriting and marketing and is perfect for people who do not consider themselves to have a nautral gift for writing 

I listened to the biggest struggles health and fitness coaches and business owners were having and molded the perfect blend of beginner copywriting basics with advanced stragegies used by million dollar copywriters to give you...

Kickass Copywriting is it. 

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"Got my first book writing gig this morning"

I just got my first book writing gig this morning. Thanks for all the knowledge, and inspiration. Feeling a lot more confident about it since Kickass Copywriting.
- Clark HiBBs

"... I'm sorry for your loss"

"If you don't read Joey Percia's stuff, I'm sorry for your loss. 
- Mike Samuels

"I no longer feel like I'm shooting in the dark"

Now, I feel like I have a system which literally allows me to make money from my words. 
- Tom Coffey

"I have discovered how much I love writing"

I have been trying to build up my training business so that I can quit my day job and all you content has been helpful to me. 
- Christian Aguirre
"What if I'm not a writer?" 

You don’t have to be a good writer for this to work. 

But you do have to be willing to learn, go through and lessons, and do the work to get better. 
"What if I sell a physical product or service, not an online one?" 
Perfect, the same principles apply. You're still going to get a ton out of this because copy is EVERYWHERE: 
surveys, books, webinars, Amazon check out pages, sales pages for products, flyers, podcasts, Facebook posts, captions on Instagram pictures, blog posts, work emails, text messages, Facebook ads, speeches, sales meetings, and so much more 
... Learning good copy can change everything for you. 
"What if I'm not in the fitness industry?"
Not a problem. I have tons of clients who haven't worked in the fitness industry. 

In fact, I've successfully used these principles in different industries as well such as: dating, pharmacy, cannabis, habit building, digital marketing, online business development, self-development, offline fitness for brick mortar gyms, and of course online fitness.

All you have to do is click the button, sign-up and get started to see how easy it is to apply to your industry.
"What if I try the course and it's not for me?" 
That's why I'm giving you a 60-day risk-free guarantee. 

If you're not happy with the course I don't want to keep your money. Seriously, I want you to succeed but if you do the work I help you make tweaks and you're still finding you haven't made your money back within the first 60 days, then I will give you every penny back. 
"What if I want more help or I just want you to do it for me?"

You have two options => 

[Option #1] 

You'll have me looking over your shoulder helping you with all your copy needs and questions. 
With the do it together you will still get access to the course, but we will also hop on 1:1 consulting calls to do critiques, additional resources and may veer off course by creating a more personal approach. 
This option is for people who want to speed up the process and write some killer copy.

We'll work together on a 1:1 basis with coaching calls and I will review and critique your copy to improve conversions. 

[Option #2] 

Have me write every word of your copy while you sit back in your lazy boy sippin' some bourbon.

This option isn't cheap but it perfect for business owners who are extremely busy or simply don't have the time, energy, or effort to put into this right now and would prefer if did it all. 

Projects start around $3,000+ depending what you need which we will discuss on the call. 
If you're interested in either one of these email joey@joeypercia.com and I will send an application your way. 
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