"You don't even have to be a good writer..."
Get your words to do the selling so you don't have to
Former broke coach shares copywriting secrets used to triple his income, buy back his time, and build a badass business he can operate from anywhere
... and how you can too! 
I felt like I was going to puke. 

When my boss broke the news my stomach was in knots. 

“We’re taking you off salary and you're going on a session by session basis.” 

I felt like I couldn’t breathe. The timing couldn't have been any worse. 

I got news two weeks prior that I had to be out of my cockaroach infested apartment. 

I didn’t have a place to live for two months. I was homeless. 

Well not completely. I could take the 2.5-hour door-to-door commute to sleep at my girlfriend's parents house. Unfortunately for me, I have a crazy case of motion sickness. 

So 8 out of 10 times I come close to vomitting. It happens like clockwork. 

On this day I had two important choices to make… 

First, I had to choose where to live. 

We were sitting in a storage closet when my boss delivered the news. 

For the next two  months the massage table in this closet would be my bedroom three nights out of the week. My back ached, my neck cramped, and my body suffered. 

The other nights I sucked it up and took the 5-hour round trip commute. I dealt with the headaches, dizziness, and sickness so I could see my girlfriend and sleep in a real bed. 

The next decision I made would change the rest of my life.  
Are you in the right place?
Hey, Joey Percia here. 

Former fitness professional turned copywriter and marketing strategist. I write personality based sales copy and email funnels for experts who are the face of their brand for one simple reason... to help them build a badass business and life. 

I'm also the author of a book called 'Why Do You Hate Money'. It's marketing guide that shows health and fitness businesses how to create content that kills, craft copy that converts, and master the science of selling with your words without selling out!

The book has already helped thousands of people all over the world. Every day I get tagged in comments by entrepreneurs using the book to improve their lives. 

What you're going to learn about today will make the process easier AND faster. 

The story I started to tell you is true. It happened just a few shorts years ago. 

Before I finish I want to make sure I don't waste your time

If you answer "YES" to any of the questions below, then I know you're in the right place. 
  • Do you want to increase your income so you can buy back your time and enjoy life? 
  • Do you want to close high-ticket clients using nothing but your messenger and your keyboard
  • Do you want to break free of the anxiety and stressof your next client and have pipeline full of leads dying to work with you?
  • Do you want to learn how to ethically persuade and influence people to get what you want out of business and life? 
  • Do you want to have the power to control your life so you can do what you want, when you want, and how you want? 
The ONE measly skill to increase your income, buy back your time, and get what you want out of life
I didn't understand why was this was happening to me.

I did everything I could to become a better coach and trainer. I studied every book, course, and training seminar I could get my hands on so I can get my clients better results. 

I traveled around the country learning from some of the best coaches in the world. 

But here I was… wishing, hoping, praying for a break or a bit of luck.

I felt like I was in quicksand.  

When I thought I got to edge and could fight my way out... Someone was there to stomp on my hands with steel-toe boots. 

Shattering my knuckles to pieces and putting me right back in the center of the pit. 

I was sitting on the sidelines while everyone else was scoring big. For years I felt like everyone around me knew something I didn’t…

… The trick to making money they weren't telling me. 
… The natural born talent to build tribes of people, that I wasn’t blessed with. 
… The powerful hack to control their life but they weren’t telling me about. 

I vowed never to let something like this happen again. 

That's when I discovered ONE measly skill which allowed me to increase my income, buy back my time, and get what I want out of business and life. 
How to sell with WORDS...
When you figure out how to sell with words, every area of your life improves. 

More leads. More free time. More exposure. More clients. More genuine relationships. More confidence. 

... And of course, more zeroes and commas in your bank account. 

When you can market, sell, and close with words your life becomes... BETTER. 

Coming from someone who had a massive mental block around selling, without feeling like a sellout. I grew up with a screwed up relationship around money, and it did a lot of damage in my life. 

In graduate school, my professors threw fuel on the fire by saying "You’re not a salesman or a marketer. You’re a scientist. Stick to what you're good at.” Which is what I came to believe. 

I would sit on the sidelines while "dumb coaches" who didn’t care about their clients made sold snake oil, crushed dreams, stomped on hope, and 8x as much money as me. 

It took a few years for me to realize what I was missing but when I did, my entire life changed. 

My business grew. I was able to help more clients in an authentic and truthful way.  

I had more money, freedom, power. 

I FINALLY felt like I have control over my business. 

The best part was, this ONE skill allowed me to improve EVERY area of my life. 

On this page, you’ll discover the key to turning your personal and financial goals into reality, all from this ONE skill. 

The same skill which has helped me...

✅ Close 4 figure deals via Messenger. 
✅ Make $12,500 on a coaching program with 3 Facebook posts.   
✅ Turn casual conversation into dates, sex, and a happy marriage.
✅ Connect with, get meetings, and have dinner with high-profile influencers.

And those are just A FEW examples in MY life. 

I haven't even mentioned the wealth, freedom, and success of my clients.

Will you let me help you change your life too?
Turn Your Keyboard Into A Cash Machine With... 
  Kickass Copywriting
This online writing system shows you everything you need to know about the ONE skill to help you get what you want out of business and life... 

COPYWRITING! But Kickass Copywriting it's any ol' copywriting or marketing course.  

This was created specifically for people like me

It's for people who want more out of business and life. 

Do you want to:

✅ Use your keyboard to close high-ticket clients?
✅ Get more power, freedom, and control of your life?
✅ Ethically persuade, influence, and profit without selling out?
✅ Create content that people love to read, share, and engage with? 
✅ Learn how to position yourself to finally get paid what you're worth?
Write high converting sales emails your readers open, click, and buy from?
Kickass Copywriting is packed with the best copywriting and marketing strategies so you can finally sell your ideas, products, and services better than ever.  

The same skills you can use to get... More dates, more meetings, more interviews, more podcasts, and so much more. 

When you join today, you'll get full access to my proven copywriting system, formulas, done-for-you templates, reviews, and so much more.  

You will have everything you need to learn the ONE skill that can change your life, just like it did for me. 

The best part is, you can do it from anywhere in the world. 

All you need is your computer/phone and an internet connection to soak these cash-generating lessons into your subconscious.

"Joining is smart. 
Go do it"

Joey gets it. He's excellent. He is doing a thing. Joining is smart. Go do it. 
- John Romaniello 

"Sales (from writing) moved from $0 to over $4k in the past 4 months"

I've also used this information to improve my skills as a blog writer: successfully getting published in the past two months in Thought Catalog and Roman Fitness Systems. 
- Tom Coffey

"An unfair advantage over your competitors and will accelerate your learning curve"

Joey seamlessly breaks down the art and science of marketing and copywriting... while providing incredible tools you can use immediately, to improve your business. 
- Eric Bach
Here's what you can expect...
  • The art and science of how businesses use WORDS to make boatloads of cash... and how you can do the same. 
  • How to write headlines that grab readers by the throat and are damn near impossible to ignore.
  • The secret to make your customers say "Wow, I feel like you're speaking directly to me!"
  • How to create an 'Idea Bank' so you NEVER run out of entertaining, engaging, and profitable emails and social media posts again. 
  • Powerful expert positioning tactic to brag and market yourself without sounding like a douche
  • Exactly what you need to know about a sales funnel that brings leads into your business 
  • Two simple wordsyou need to ask yourself to turn a killer feature into a deal closing BENEFIT... so you can watch your product sell like hot cakes. 
  • The easiest way to speed up the know, like, and trust proces. So easy a first grader can do it. 
  • How to create high engaging social media content to create raving fans dying to read your next post.
  • MUST HAVE elements of a high converting landing page 
  • How to write eye-catching, moutherwatering, deal closing bullet points that give your customers the butterflies and make them whip out their credit card. 
  • Simple hacks to never suffer through writer's block ever again and churn out content like a machine.
  • ONE tweakto make overly hyped sounding claims, easy to believe.
  • The simplest, easiet, and most overlooked way to make more money today. (HINT: it's NOT getting new customers!) 
  • Sales pages tactics that reverse all risk and answer your customer's questions before they can ask.
  • How to write emails that your readers are dying to read. Nail this and you'll have people reaching out if you miss a scheduled email, just to make sure you're still alive! 
  • Done-for-you templates​you can use right now (they’re virtually dummy proof.) 
Valued at $497+
Plus $1,458 in bonuses
Plus These limited Time
Bonuses When you join Today!
BASIC BONUS #1 (value $47)
My 'Big 10 Swipe File'
Get instant access to my 'Big 10 Swipe File.' This file includes a mix of 10 KILLER sales pages, ads, advertorials you can use to grow your business. 

Most swipe files include hundreds of examples for you to sift through and get bogged down and never take action. 

Not anymore. My Big 10 Swipe File gives you exactly what you ned to spark writing inspiration and get clients with your words. 
BASIC BONUS #2 (value $47)
Unrivaled Copy Scorecard & Training
I'm going to give you the exact tool that I use to grade, teardown, and re-build copy for my clients (and myself.) 

The same process I used to take puny little sales copy and turn it into a high converting monster ready to take on the world. 

Plus, you'll get access to my presentation so you know exactly how to use each spot. The only people who have this are Kickass Copywriting students AND the people who attended the high-level mastermind with guys making 6,7 figure — a couple are making 8 figure earners.
more extras with
the advanced package
ADVANCED BONUS #1 (value $199) 
How To Craft A Charismatic Welcome Series
This special training is one of the most important pieces of your business... without it you can lose the interest of hot leads who are ready to buy. 

On top of it, without a Charismatic Welcome Series you run the risk of losing the trust of new buyers or people who were ready to buy. 

Instead, learn how to craft a Charismatic Welcome Series with this EASY training as I explain what's necessary and how to go about putting it all together. 
ADVANCED BONUS #2 (value $67)
Over-My-Shoulder Writing Demo
Be a fly on my shoulder as I write an email to my list in less than 30 minutes.  

You'll be able to watch my writing process, my thought process, and everything else that goes into writing one of my famous daily emails that people love to open, read, and buy from. 

After watching this process from start to finish you'll know exactly what it takes to write, edit, and send awesome emails in less than 30 minutes. That's all it takes. 
ADVANCED BONUS #3 (value $199)
How To Craft A Charismatic Welcome Series
ADVANCED BONUS #3 (value $199)
Lost Email Imagery Training
Imagery is one of the most persuasive aspect of copywriting... the funny part is, most people don't even understand what it is. 

I tag team this Lost Imagery training with Alex Mullan, a master email copywriter, for a down and dirty training on everything you need to know about imagery. 

We walk-and-talk through emails to point out and explain exactly what's happening. 
Choose The Best Option For You
+ Consulting
You just hit the jackpot
  • Instant access to all KA Copy modules ($497)
  • LIVE persuasion group calls ($792)
  • 30 DAY access to The Conversion Cartel ($149)
  • Big 10 Swipe File ($47)
  • Exclusive Email Imagery Training- Video/Audio/Transcript ($199)
  • 'My Package😉' sent to your doorstep ($40+)
  • Charismatic Email Welcome Series Training ($99)
  • Bite-Size Sales Copy Critique ($200)
  • Authority Positioning Script ($97)
  • Authority Positioning Interview ($197)
  •  BI-WEEKLY 1:1 Strategy Call ($1,588)
  • Unlimited Copy Critiques ($2999)
Value $6,904
Save $5,607
Let's Play
"Just The Tip"
3 PAYMENTS of $199
  • Instant access to KA Copy Training ($497)
  • BONUS: Big 10 Copy Inspiration
    Swipe File ($47)
  • BONUS: Unrivaled Copy Scorecard Mastermind Presentation ($199)
  • BONUS: Over-my-shoulder
    email writing demo ($67)
  • BONUS: How To Craft a Charismatic
    Email Welcome Series ($199)
  • BONUS: Lost Email Imagery ($147)
Value $1,554
SAVE $894
"Just Talking"
  • Instant access to KA Copy Training ($497)
  • BONUS: Big 10 Copy Inspiration
    Swipe File ($47)
  • BONUS: Unrivaled Copy Scorecard Mastermind Presentation ($199)
  • BONUS: Over-my-shoulder 
    email writing demo ($67)
  • BONUS: How To Craft a Charismatic 
    Email Welcome Series ($199)
  • BONUS: Lost Email Imagery  ($147)
Value $743
SAVE $446

If I said "give me $300 today and I’ll give you $3,000 back," would you say yes? 
I know you already realize this system is worth FAR MORE than the initial investment, but I can't let that be all. 

The simple fact that I show you how to write copy to persuade, influence and profit from is well worth the investment. 

This will make this decision a no-brainer for you... and help you fight off any smart ass comments from your neighbors, spouse, and friends.  

Would that be alright with you? 

Great. I usually don't like math, but when it comes to money it's a different story 😉

Entrepreneurs who join this course sell packages ranging from $299-$2,000+ per month.  

Here's the math for YOUR next client if you ONLY charge $299/month for your services. 

ONE new client = $299/month
✅ Average retention = 4 months
✅ Customer lifetime value = $1,196 (monthly investment x retention) 

You QUADRUPLED your investment in the BASIC package from ONE new client! 

Which is easy when you know how to write in a way that gets people to take action. 

If you have a $500/month package and your clients stay with you for 6-months you 10x your investment from ONE new client.

Do you see the power in this? 

Imagine how valuable it would be for you have this skill. 

The skill to get you piping hot leads, convert leads into clients, get your clients coming back for more, and have them telling all their friends.

Of course, you’d get ONE new client. 

You will get plenty of new clients if you put in the work, but it all starts with ONE new client. 

Next thing you know you will have 50, 100, or 1,000. 
If you don't get a client in 60-days, I'll refund every penny...
I'm so confident that you're going to love this, that I'm letting you try it on my dime for 60-days.

But you have to put in the work!

In order to qualify for a full refund, you must meet the criteria below:

#1. You go through the materials: our software tells us how much you've completed.

#2. Proof of the work: you have to show us proof you've completed the assignments. 

#3. Show up to at least one bonus coaching session (or reach out) and TELL US so we can help! 

... If you don't do those three things then you don't want to learn how to get clients on demand, and you do NOT qualify for a refund. 

You have to give the system an honest shot and DO THE WORK.  Then, and ONLY then do you qualify to recieve a full refund. 
Who is Kickass Copywriting for...
Here's who Kickass Copywriting is NOT for:
  • You’re an expert copywriter and what many consider to be an ‘a-lister.'
  • ​You don’t have a business        (selling products, skills, services, or information) or work for a company which you can directly use these skills in your job. 
  • ​You’re looking for a get rich quick scheme.
  • ​You’re looking for an in-depth training on lead generation and running paid marketing systems like advanced Facebook marketing strategies
  • ​You're just looking for templates and nothing else. Sure there will be templates to model, but I'm going to teach you the shortcuts to understand how and what to do so you don't have to rely on them
Kickass Copywriting IS for you if: 
  • You want to finally seeing results for your hard work.
  • You have a quality product, service, information, or desire to build one of these. 
  • You can proudly stand behind what you sell with honesty and integrity because you know it helps people. 
  • You want to write quality copy and avoid the hype-filled sales letters and scummy feeling most modern marketing gives. 
  • You’re committed to doing the work to see results instead of sitting back and just wishing something would happen or change

"Joey, is one of the people I learned from"

I've gotten my hands dirty with all the copywriting, marketing, and other 'evil stuff' that most businesses do. To say the response has been quite good, would be an understatement. 
- Jason Helmes

"This is an opportunity well worth checking out"

Joey has been helping us with the copy for PT Distinction V3 and I can honestly say he's brilliant. 
- Tim Saye

"Results > Words"

"... and even though your words are amazing, the results we've gotten have been much cooler."
- Linh Trinh

"People are hitting the end of the AR sequence and it's working!"

"Bruh, people are hitting the end of the AR sequence and it's working! Cool to see that."
- Blake Bowman
Ready to get clients on demand?
▶️ First, click the button below to get the INSTANT ACCESS to the bundle today.

▶️ You'll be taken to the checkout page for you fill in your details and the payment method you are most comfortable. 

▶️ Once your payment is processed you'll be asked to create your unique log-in information to create your private Kickass Copywriting details. 

▶️ You'll also get emails that confirm your purchase and give you your log-in information in case it ever gets lost. 

▶️ At that point, you'll get instant access to the simple writing course that will show you how to turn words into cash, and instructions for the bonus materials. 
A word from Joey 🐺 
I believe copywriting is one of the most valuable skills you can learn. 

Just think... The WORDS you put on your Facebook page, in your videos, and in your emails can cause people to pull out their wallet and buy what you have. 


They can help you find the love of your life. 
They can make you thousands of dollars from text messages. 
They can make people you've never met feel like they've known you for ages.
They can give you more freedom, joy, and confidence than you ever imagined. 

It's mind-blowing when you think about it. 

With this course, you don't have to waste your precious time doing all the necessary (so-called) grunt work that comes along with writing great copy like... 

Learning unnecessary jargon,
Hand every old school sales letters for hours a day,
Rack your brain trying to figure out how to apply this to your business, 

... And all the other crap that is only applicable for professional copywriters.  Screw that!

For the first time, you'll be able to write in a way that gets people to take action.

You'll get templates, formulas, and exercises to shortcut the learning process to writing kickass copy faster than ever.  

So you can FINALLY learn how to sell without feeling like a sellout!

Click the button below to join before the doors close again. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing you inside Kickass Copywriting and giving you the tools to need to live life on your own terms

🐺 Joey 'If I Can Do It You Can Too' Percia

"Got my first book writing gig this morning"

I just got my first book writing gig this morning. Thanks for all the knowledge, and inspiration. Feeling a lot more confident about it since Kickass Copywriting.
- Clark HiBBs

"... I'm sorry for your loss"

"If you don't read Joey Percia's stuff, I'm sorry for your loss. 
- Mike Samuels

"I no longer feel like I'm shooting in the dark"

Now, I feel like I have a system which literally allows me to make money from my words. 
- Tom Coffey

"I have discovered how much I love writing"

I have been trying to build up my training business so that I can quit my day job and all you content has been helpful to me. 
- Christian Aguirre
How To Get Clients Using Your Words
"What if I'm not a writer?" 

You don’t have to be a good writer for this to work. But you do have to be willing to learn, go through and lessons, and do the work to get better. 
"What if I sell a physical product or service, not an online one?" 
Perfect, the same principles apply. You're still going to get a ton out of this because copy is EVERYWHERE: 
surveys, books, webinars, Amazon check out pages, sales pages for products, flyers, podcasts, Facebook posts, captions on Instagram pictures, blog posts, work emails, text messages, Facebook ads, speeches, sales meetings, and so much more 
... Learning good copy can change everything for you. 
"What if I'm not in the fitness industry?"
Not a problem. I have tons of clients who haven't worked in the fitness industry. 

In fact, I've successfully used these principles in different industries as well such as: dating, pharmacy, cannabis, habit building, digital marketing, online business development, self-development, offline fitness for brick mortar gyms, and of course online fitness.

All you have to do is click the button, sign-up and get started to see how easy it is to apply to your industry.
"What if I try the course and it's not for me?" 
That's why I'm giving you a 60-day risk-free guarantee. 

If you're not happy with the course I don't want to keep your money. Seriously, I want you to succeed but if you do the work I help you make tweaks and you're still finding you haven't made your money back within the first 60 days, then I will give you every penny back. 
"What if I want more help or I just want you to do it for me?"

I have consulting and done-for-you options. If you want, you can have me write every word of your copy while you sit back in your lazy boy sippin' some bourbon.

This option isn't cheap but it perfect for business owners who are extremely busy or simply don't have the time, energy, or effort to put into this right now and would prefer if did it all. 

Projects start around $3,000+ depending what you need which we will discuss on the call. 
If you're interested in either one of these email joey@joeypercia.com and I will send an application your way. 
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