If you’re ready to add some serious ‘kick’ to your copy you’re in the right place…

Despite your best efforts, you feel like you’ve run into some trouble but you know you deserve better. Here’s where I come in to save the day. Each month I work one-on-one with three private consulting clients but take one-time ‘borrow-my-brain’ sessions where we can strategize your work or critique your copy.

We’ll work together for 90 days (or more) and do a full demolition and rebuild of any copy and marketing strategy.

We will go through your copy together and I can show you what you’re missing and where you are actually losing clients or income. This can be a HUGE win for your business now and especially in the future because as you know, no one wants to buy something they don’t trust or don’t think has a good offer.

What you need to a second pair of eyes to look things over or brain with experience in different businesses to take the best practices and put them into your own.

Each month I take on a limited number of private consulting clients and I want to personally work 1-on-1 with you to make your copy kick some serious ass.

We’re going to do three main things during this sessions:

  1. Tweak your offer and copy on your most important products and offers
  2. Come up with clear, concise and actionable steps to move your business forward
  3. See where your copy is lacking and fix the gap so it doesn’t keep happening in the future

Yea, we can do a ton of other things but that’s just the start.

Things I can help you with:

  • Finding the hook for a product to sell but you don’t know how to sell it.
  • Fixing the common mistakes that almost EVERYONE makes on your ‘About Page’
  • Design advice and layout for pages on your website to get your more email subscribers.
  • Making your coaching page stand out, not in the same, “O my god, this is so boring” way.
  • Tweaking your autoresponder emails so they actually get your readers to open your emails AND take action.
  • Help you write more persuasive and engaging content so people share, reply, and buy what you’re selling.
  • and so much more…

Things I can NOT do:

  • Write great copy for a shitty product or offer
  • Create a miracle list of readers out of nowhere
  • Instantly, make you a cold hard million, during this hour.

How It Works

  1. Start by filling out the application below
  2. When your application is reviewed I will get back to you with an action plan
  3. I will send you a link to book a time slot so you can book and submit your payment
  4. We get on the video call and crush it together
  5. Each laser focused 1-hour session is held on Google video chat and will be recorded for you to review at a later time.

Before we get on a call you’ll send me over links to relevant documents so I can plan, review, and get any materials together that we need in order to have a focused and productive session together.

During the call we will strategize and break down the next steps together or for you to make in the future.

For a limited time, the cost of each session is only $599  $329.

If would like to sign up for a consulting package (3-month minimum commitment) the price drops

When you invest in 2 or 4 sessions monthly (3-month commitment) you will get FULL access to Kickass Copywriting and it’s private mentorship group, along with the group coaching calls.

That’s an additional $497 bonus for the course and $197/month with the group access and calls.

Book Your Session Today By Applying

Let’s create a better connection between you and your readers so you can build a bigger brand, get more clients, and most importantly help more people without wanting to bang your head against this wall.

I will personally help you tweak, modify, and spice up your copy week by week which is a huge potential for business growth…plus we’ll have a few laughs while getting great work done.

Consulting Application

  • Everyone is different so be specific.