51 best-kept copywriting secrets, tricks, and hacks

Would you like to crack the code to better copywriting? Get the 51 best-kept copywriting secrets, tricks, and hacks to improve your writing faster and easier than ever before. I'll even send you a copy of the list for no charge.

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61 rules to build a badass body, business, and life

Check out the 61 powerful rules to help you build a badass body, business, and life. This is exactly what you need to get more, be more, and do more. If you want to live life on your own terms, download this list today.

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13 copywriting & marketing lessons you should steal from Eminem

 Love him or hate him… The bleach blonde, rapper knows what he’s doing. Whether he’s on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine or plastered on news for his recent President Trump diss, this man catches the attention of people all over the world. Anyone who's a topic of conversation of years can teach you a

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Getting around NYC without getting lost or looking like a tourist

Sup, Here's a short guide to help you navigate NYC without getting lost. Well, you'll probably get lost but this will prevent you from getting lost forever.  This will help you while you're here:  Download google maps (I’ve found it more accurate than apple maps) Download NYC subway (free) Uber (just in case) Walking: Using Your

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How to Make Money in Fitness (What Your Professors Didn’t Tell You in College)

How to Make Money Online (What Your Professor's Didn't Tell You in College) Ever since high-school kids found out they could go to school for exercising...

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Copywriting for Fitness Professionals

Before you help more people you need to connect with them, this is where the art of copywriting comes into play, and where most fitness professionals are getting it all wrong...

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What your tattoos say about you (judging a book by it’s cover)

One coaches unconventional thoughts about what your tattoos say about you. This stereotypical bad guy helps men look, feel and live like badasses

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I love this woman but who is she?

I'm not sure what it was. Maybe it was her soft eyes or her radiant smile. It could have been my own way to rationalize a similarity to someone else. I wasn't leaving it to 'what-if,' so I took my shot.

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The B-Stance: The Best Single Leg Exercise You Aren’t Doing

The B Stance is one of the best single leg exercises. It's a great way to overload an exercise and it's also a great way to learn more advanced single leg.

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10 Deadlift Commandments

10 Deadlift Commandments. The deadlift is a brutal test of strength that slabs on pounds of muscle and melts off fat. The world is becoming a better place because people are embracing the awesomeness of the deadlift. But the awesomeness doesn’t come without critics, hate and misinformation.

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