Love him or hate him…

The bleach blonde, rapper knows what he’s doing.

Whether he’s on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine or plastered on news for his recent President Trump diss, this man catches the attention of people all over the world.

Anyone who’s a topic of conversation of years can teach you a thing or two about a thing or two… especially when it comes to copywriting and marketing.

Because Money follows Attention.

More attention, more money.

In this article, I’m going to break down 13 copywriting and marketing lessons you can steal from Eminem to grab the eyes of new customers.

1. Do Your Homework

Eminem does his research by digging deep into his enemies backstory and pulls out skeletons which they’ve tried to burry for years.

He was known for saying things people wished could be swept under the rug and forgotten about.

Do your homework and know exactly what your audience is struggling with so you can help solve their problems.

2. Borrow The Credibility From Others

Whether it’s dropping Dr. Dre or 50 Cent’s name on a track or talking smack about Rolling Stone magazine he uses reputable names and brands to build, boost, and skyrocket credibility and exposure.

By using brand logos, names, famous testimonials, sales numbers, etc you borrow the credibility of that source and increases your value.

3. Stop Caring What Others Think

If you try to count the number of times Eminem has said offensive, inappropriate, and politically incorrect statements you’d give yourself a massive headache.

He’s the perfect example of creating a love/hate following by saying the most ridiculous and taboo things you can think of. He figured out a long time ago that you’ll never get very far by trying to please everyone.

You can’t please everyone, but you can be the perfect solution for the right people.

4. Develop Your Own Rhythm, Style, And Brand

Eminem’s voice, lyrics, and style are easily recognized. His signature bleach blonde hair, upbeat lyrics, and crotch grab are directly tied to ‘Eminem.’

What can you do to create uniqueness in your business so people easily relate something to you?

5. Be Unique

While everyone talks about how great they are, Eminem completely turned the tables by regularly degrading himself, his mother, his ex-wife, and everyone else in his life for years.

Sometimes in a jokingly, others he was serious. Yea, he really built his career around the famous B-Rabbit self-diss in 8-mile.

You don’t have to be the best in the world… the fastest… cheapest… longest.

Figure out how you can bring something unique that others can’t.

6. Choose Your Words Carefully

Obviously, I don’t mean keeping your mouth shut because we know he wasn’t the best at this.

Instead, use the proper words for the correct situations. If you listen to Eminem’s lyrics, you’ll notice he has a fairly extensive vocabulary and he wasn’t afraid to use it… yet, his songs are still easy to understand.


This is very important when communicating with your audience when you’re building a business.

7. Use Imagery

“I’m harder than me tryna park a Dodge when I’m drunk as f*ck right next to a humongous truck in a two-car garage”

Imagery is one of the best ways to get people to understand a situation.

When you can paint a vivid picture in your customers mind of future possibilities or current pain it’s easier to communicate and help them solve their problem.

8. Give Specific Examples

Vivid examples of what’s happened, what he’s going to do, or what he wishes would happen.

If you can help someone solve a problem be as specific as possible so they can visualize it happening. Instead of giving a boring website answer that no one cares about. You have to be specific and solve their problem.

Which sounds better:

  1. “We provide a superior customer buying experience to fit your needs”
  2. “We’ll help you find the perfect couch for your home and deliver it right to your house so you don’t have to lift a finger”

I don’t even know what the first answer does but I can’t tell you how many businesses I see making statements like this.

9. Stay Up With Current Events

He knows what’s trending, what’s popular, and how to flip that into content that goes viral.

When you stay up with current events you’re able to communicate with your audience about shows they are watching, events in the news, and celebrity gossip.

Don’t get crazy about this… just have an idea of what is going on and you can often create content around current events which people are likely to read because it’s something ‘hot and trending.’

10. Ask For The Sale

You’ll notice at the bottom of this article there’s a ‘Call To Action’ which is to go my site to get proven copywriting and marketing templates that will help you grow your business and eliminate common mistakes when growing your business.

Then I let you know exactly where to go to get it.

!There’s no question that Eminem was known for telling people to do exactly what he wanted them to do.

When it comes to building your business you have to do the exact same thing. If you want people to come in for a free trial, tell them to come in for a free trial and what you’re going to give them. This is known as a call to action.

11. Appeal To Human Emotion

Eminem’s lyrics aren’t logical, they’re emotional…Empathy, understanding, sex, love, acceptance, power.

This is important to note because people making buying decisions based on emotion. They have a problem and they want their problem to be solved.

12. Tell Stories

He’s storytelling master.

Great storytelling is one of the best ways to speed up the relationship building and trust process with someone.

When you learn how to tell great stories you will be amazed at how much easier it is to create a genuine relationship with someone… which is huge for your business.

13. Be Polarizing

There’s no doubt about it, he attracts and repels like a king. Eminem chooses the side most people believe but they don’t want to talk about.

He draws a line in the sand and crosses it every single time and for that reason, he has created fans that would do anything for him and people who think he is the scum of the earth. But those fans buy everything he puts out and do everything they can to support him.

You don’t have to love him, but there’s no arguing Eminem is a talented man who has successfully built a business and brand around himself using these principles.

… the same principles you can use to build yours.

Call To Action

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– Joey ‘


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