Do you want to know the not-so-fun way to getting better at copywriting?

It goes something like this…

– Wake up from alarm at 4:30 am
– Start coffee. Brush teeth. Plop down in chair.
– Read copywriting book for 10 minutes.
– Hand copy proven sales copy for 25 minutes.

– Create a piece of writing modeled after hand copying (20 minutes.) 
– Rush to the train to get to the gym and train clients for the day. Spill coffee. 
– Get home from work. Eat food. Get coffee reading for the morning. Read and practice writing some more.

This was my schedule Monday-Friday when I was sharpening my inkless pen into a fine-tuned copywriting sword.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to waste your time like I did because I compiled a list of 51 best-kept secrets so you can improve your writing skills faster than ever.

This simple list will help you write copy that hits harder than a .357 magnum straight to the gut.

You see, without this list, you’re going to waste months of time and energy listening to people who were already gifted writers, telling you how to get better.

But for us ‘normal folk’ who aren’t great writers, those tactics should be thrown in the trash.

This list is a shortcut, which means you don’t have to work half as hard as I did.

At the time I was personal training and building my online fitness business so my days were packed from 5am-10pm every single night. I was living in NYC so the energy was high and constant hustle kept me on my toes.

 I knew I wanted to become one of the few ‘A-list copywriters’ to walk the earth, so I did what I had to do.

While I haven’t reached that status (…YET) I did and will continue to do what I have to do to climb this steep and treacherous mountain one step at a time… nipping at the heels of the all the ridiculously smart, creative, and highly skilled writers at the top.

You CAN hand copy sales letters until your hand goes numb… but that in itself won’t teach you how to create copy that rakes in the big bucks.

For everyone else, I have something very special I want to share with you today.

This list will help you reach the pinnacle of your career

Over the years I’ve learned (and will continue to learn) many things.

Some of the most useful are the shortcuts and processes which help me learn 4-6x faster than I would if I were to blindly follow the advice from random internet trolls who sit in their mothers’ basement drinking Mountain Dew and slanging’ hate bombs to anyone trying to better themselves. But I digress.

The list you’ll find below will be refined and polished like a 2018 Aston Martin as I tune my engine to win. But for now, these are the rules I will follow to climb to the top of the mountain and grow my business.

There’s no questioning ‘IF’ I get there… the question is how fast will I get there.

This is my outline.
This is my roadmap.
These are my easy to follow rules that I want to share with you.

Read it. Breathe it in. Let it seep into your pores.

If you follow just a handful of these exercises with tenacity, they will take 4 years of writing, studying, and practice and chop it down into ONE.

I kid you not, my dear friend.

These tips will shoot you into another dimension if you let them.

You will quickly climb to the top of your niche like a lion tackling its prey.

And the best part is they’re not HALF as boring as what the ‘gurus’ are teaching you.

In fact, it’s just the opposite. They make this entire ‘creative process’ fun, quick, and simple.

51 epic copywriting tips to make more money and become a more interesting human being

  1. Write
  2. Read
  3. Listen
  4. Meditate
  5. Nootropics
  6. Get a mentor. Sup!?
  7. Write. You didn’t stop, did you?
  8. Loop instrumentals / binaural beats
  9. Learn a new skill. Juggling, a new instrument, gymnastics, etc.
  10. Ask more questions in life. Be curious about everything.
  11. Do things with your non-dominant hand. You’ll start using your brain in new ways.
  12. Write about the first time you had your heart ripped to shreds.
  13. Write about your funeral. This is some painful stuff. If you don’t make yourself cry you need to dig deeper. You can do this from your perspective or from someone else.
  14. Read ‘Why Do You Hate Money? — People are saying “I’ve read almost every copywriting book there is, and so much stuff went over my head. I got more out of this book than all the rest combined.” I know, I’m surprised too, but it’s happened more than once, so I guess it’s no coincidence 😉
  15. Read fiction books. Don’t be a jackass and skip this like I did.
  16. Take a typing course. Don’t you think you’d be able to write better if you were a more efficient typer? Yes, the answer is yes.
  17. Take a copywriting course. Word on the street is, That Kickass Copywriting is so hot right now.”
  18. Study sales and closing. Start with guys like Grant Cardone and Ryan Stewman
  19. Practice closing. I know you want to improve your writing, but I promise this will help.
  20. Keep a note/folder with running ideas for inspiration. You’re a writer now. Start acting like one. 


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  21. Create a swipe file. When you come across sales page, ad, advertorial, and other copy you like take a screenshot and file it. Want access to a few of my favorites? Join Kickass Copywriting today. 
  22. Watch stand-up comedy.
  23. Never sit down at a blank page with no idea what to write.
  24. Pay more attention to the little details going on around you.
  25. Write an offer of your own
  26. Get your offer critiqued. Email me for a well executed ‘Sales Copy Investigation.’
  27. Write an offer on social media selling your product or service with a hard pitch.
  28. Write an epic post on social media with a story and wrap it back around with a soft pitch of your product or service.
  29. Workout & clean up your diet. It blows me away how many writers treat their bodies like shit. I promise your brain will work better if you treat it like a high-quality escort instead of $20 hooker. Click here for my 61 Rules to build a badass body, business, and life. It’s a great place to get started.
  30. Drink more water.
  31. Try fasting. Follow The Average To Action Hero Diet for epic gains.
  32. Get some street cred. Write an offer, send the offer, get some results. If you flop, it happens. Get back to work ASAP.
  33. Write without editing. No backspace, editing, etc.
  34. Use the Hemingway App to see what grade level your writing reads. Try to stay around 3rd-5th grade… this doesn’t mean ‘dumb’ this means easy to understand. That’s a good thing.
  35. Study top selling offers. See what they’re doing and how you can relate it to your offer.
  36. Study famous sales letters from the legends of direct response.
  37. Reproduce the structure and flow. Pick one of these sales letters or advertorials and rewrite it with a made-up offer or one of your offers.
  38. Find 2-3 writers you feel connected to. Get on their email lists and read every email and social media post they send.
  39. Read a Jack Reacher novel
  40. Write your own Reacher mini story
  41. Read ‘The Notebook’
  42. Write your own mini love story
  43. Watch The Notebook. Guys, get over yourself, it’s Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams… they’re both incredibly good-looking human beings… plus it’s a great story
  44. Write an EPIC content heavy social media post 1x per week.
  45. Write an EPIC story social media post 1x per week.
  46. Talk to your audience. Yes, in real life like a human being. You’ll learn a ton.
  47. Have a thesaurus one click away at all times. WordHippo is my secret weapon. Crap, I never said that.
  48. Create a badass alter ego. This is your fearless writer persona. This makes it easy to lay it all on the line because they don’t give a crap what others say. Step into this body when you write.
  49. Have some fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  50. You’re going to die. You might as well learn how to write some really great stuff that lasts LONG after you pass so your grandkids can brag about how much of a badass you were.
  51. Get accountability, guidance, and actionable feedback from a coach. Send me a PM and let’s see if it makes sense to work together.

It’s that easy, and it’s that hard.


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Take care,

– Joey ‘live by rules’ Percia


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Tell me where to send you a PDF of this list. I'll even send you my proven copywriting templates as a special BONUS. It's my way of saying thank you for reading.

You'll receive daily messages to tips and offers that you can unsubscribe from at any time. Powered by ConvertKit